Thursday, January 5, 2012

One day SALE

Canvas canvas canvas!!! If you've used me as a photographer, you know I am crazy about canvas. And today only, my lab is running a sale, so I am going to pass that on to YOU! Now, I know. You got your groupon. You can get a 16x20 canvas for $49. I am going to say this as nicely as possible about canvas prints. You get what you pay for. Which is why I think you need to jump on this sale! No, I can't offer them for $49 but I CAN guarantee that you will be breathless at the sight of your image blown up on a canvas from my lab, and you'll immediately see the difference.
Here's the pricing. Remember, this is today only. You need to contact me at by 10pm in order to seal the deal. Shipping is included, tax of 7% will be added to all orders.

11x14- $99
16x20- $119
16x24- $129
20x24- $149
20x30- $199

And because I don't want to leave you without goodies, here are some images from my holiday season that I think would look absolutely SMASH-tastic on one of these canvases.

proof (5)a Proof (15) CP proof (1) Dwyer (7) proof (5) proof 9 color bailey (10) Antalek (3) Proof (17) Dempsey (14) proof (16) proof (25) proof (11)

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