Thursday, July 7, 2011

Old friends.

One of the cool things (of many) about my job, coupled with where I live, is that I have the unique opportunity to reconnect with old friends when they come to the area for vacation. It's always so awesome to see them, because I currently live so far from where I grew up and where I went to school. Added bonus, they usually bring their babies with them, so I get to meet all sorts of adorable little people that I have watched grow on facebook and through email, but might not have gotten to meet otherwise.
Destiny was one of the first people I met at college. She lived on my hall and was in the music program where I started out. Sidebar: I was that person who changed my major just about every semester. When people ask what I majored in, I query "what didn't I?"
She and Brian have been together since the beginning of time. ;) No really, they dated for a long while before they got married, and I fondly remember their wedding. I was so happy for them when they broke the news that they were expecting a little one, and is he a cutie! I think he looks so much like his mom, who is gorgeous, so he's a lucky guy!
Anyway, y'all know I could ramble on. Yes, Y'all. Did I mention we went to school in Tennessee? By the end of our session I was easily speaking with a southern drawl.









Hopefully y'all enjoyed the sneak peek. Your gallery will be up tonight ;)

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