Friday, July 8, 2011

Definitions of wonderful.

Wonderful is...

To a new parent: a sleeping baby.



To him: a sneak attack from a 3 year old.


To them: 2 healthy boys, a new life, and knowing they have each found their better half.



To her: the knowledge that, despite the odds, her grandsons will never once have to question how much she loves them.





To him: a truck, a cow and jumping on mom and dad's bed.


To them: knowing that your brother's always got your back.



To me. The honor and humility I feel each and every time I am asked into someone's home to photograph their lives. This time, even more so. Becca is a friend,and an amazing mother. Her amazing mother is ever so ill, and the fact that she could be there for this session with her grandsons absolutely touched my heart more than I can express through words. She told me no less than 10 times how wonderful I was to be there, to document some of baby Jackson's first days. I was a little doubtful about that at first, because I really don't feel like the wonderful one in any situation. But then I realized, it all lies in your definition of wonderful.



Terra said...

You are wonderful to many people Courtney. So thank you for being in all our lives.

These photos are stunning. I love seeing the ones with the kids jumping on the parents bed, because we all know what a thrill that is!

Lauren W said...

Courtney, you are so beautiful. And talented. Not only are you a brilliant photographer, but you are a poet as well. Love you.

Becca said...

I keep coming back to relish each image.