Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy birthday Finn!

My little guy turned 3 almost a month ago, and in the spirit of being a super busy work at home mom with potentially too much going on fashionably late, I thought I'd take today to share his birthday and 3 year photo shoot. This little man. Sigh. Just thinking of all the things I want to say about him brings tears to my eyes. You've heard of daddies being wrapped around their little girl's fingers? well, this little boy has mine. tight.
He's such a character. While my oldest will undoubtedly have no trouble being a leader in school and top of his class, Chris and I joke that Finn will charm his way into a "B" ;) We have a little class clown on our hands. Punishment gets us nowhere with this child,he just grins and laughs and most of the time we find ourselves holding in giggles too. He doesn't like cake. No really, on his birthday he happily ate crackers smeared with spreadable cheese while the rest of the family ate his cake. We are not sure how that happened either, since Chris and I both have a hard time walking through the bakery section at publix without putting a cake in the cart. And speaking of publix, he's the only kid I've ever seen to smile and say "No, thanks" when the lady behind the counter offers a cookie. We're working on saying yes and then letting mommy eat the cookie...
He's a total mama's boy and I am eating it up while I can.
He's a snuggler, but only with me.
He's a big guy. My linebacker. He's wearing clothes right now that Grady just grew out of.
He also still likes to be carried. My back may not survive.
He has the wittiest comebacks for just about anything. The other day I told him we had to go to AT&T to get my phone fixed, and maybe we would have to get a new one. Without missing a beat, he said "ok, can I have the other one?" I could go on and on about the little man he is, and the great one I know he will become. But here's a few pics because I know that's what you're here for. ;)

On birthdays, we always do pancakes or waffles with candles in them.
001 copy

003 copy

004 copy

008 copy

He got a bike this year, but his favorite part is absolutely the bell. He refuses to even TRY the pedals on the bike, and is just as happy with us pulling him along while he rings the bell. We're cracked, I tell you.
010 copy

016 copy

Ad here's a few from his 3 year shoot. He's not normally happy when I pull out the camera anymore, like a true photographer's kid. However, he's been modeling for Bealls recently and I asked him to do this for Mr. David (the bealls photographer) and he willingly agreed. Um. ok. I resisted the urge to put on my best Caroline from Jersey houswives accent and tell him "I'm family. Nothing beats family." But I just decided to roll with it and if he thought David was going to use these, so be it.










And a little birthday storyboard I did for him. I have one from Grady's 3 year session too and I love it.

Bravo to you if you looked at all that. ;) Sorry for the length. I just get a little carried away about my boys.


KClavio said...

I could look at pictures of that little bugger all day...What a fun post this was to read!

Kori Clark said...

So cute! So sweet! I just love him, his personality it just hilarious and his face is so sweet!

Andrea S. said...

Such an adorable little guy you have! And he is lucky to have such a wonderful and talented mommy. I love this post!