Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Downtown Diva

I have known little miss Emma since she was about 3 months old, and now she's going on 5 and pushing kindergarten in the fall! It made me almost as nostalgic as when Grady started last fall! She's got a lot of changes coming up besides that, too since her family is about to welcoms her new little brother! Not too soon, though mommy. ;) Emma was a preemie so her mom was nervous that she'd have the baby before we got to do pictures, but he's hanging in there. Baking away! web3 web4 web2 web1 Love this little series. True emotion. That's what it's all about ;) Untitled-1 Pink bubbles. That sounded like such a cute idea. However, crayola may have an epic fail on their hands with these. What a mess, and they were nearly impossible for her to blow.Bubbles in general, however are always a fun thing to add to a session. web5

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