Monday, December 6, 2010

Because mama's worried :)

You know that anxiety you feel as you refresh my blog or website waiting to see if your family pictures have posted yet? Well. Multiply it by 12 and add a few digits and you might then understand how it feels when you're a photographer waiting on images of your own family. It's torture. TORTURE. You know in your head that surely the other photographer got *something*, but then you kill yourself thinking of all the things that you should have done differently, because you know how you're "supposed" to act, but in spite of it you felt the red heat of embarrasment as your own little angels didn't comply 100% with what the photographer asked, and you had to just find a happy place several times out of panic. Yeah.
Recently, my pal Teresa ofWild Sugar Photography in St. Petersburg met up to capture some images of our own families. She amazed me with what she got of mine, and had them done with super speed. I have not been so speedy, but I am finally wrapping up for the season, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have a lot to share, but everyone else has already seen their entire galleries so they won't be so much sneak peeks as a share of favorites. Teresa has been so patient, but she recently admitted she's freaking out a little so I wanted to give her a few to hold her over!

This little cutie McCuterson, oh she has grown! You may recognize her as the suitcase baby...

and look who's all growed up!

Big brother is a model. No, not really, but I'm thinking he would have a good career.

And I love this image of big sister and dad. Before too long, another guy will be kissing those cheeks. Hold on to it while you can, dad.

Quick...guess who's the middle child! ;)

Mom and dad haven't had any pictures together since their wedding. Which is the downside of always being behind the camera.




Hope you like them, Teresa. The rest are on the way!


Terra said...

What cutie pies!

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness Courtney!! I'm up at 12:55 and thought - hey, I'll give it a check - and saw Allie on that front image - I about died! These are wonderful - I'm seriously all choked up. Thanks for the peak and for doing such a great job!!

Autumn said...

What a beautiful family!!

Sari Underwood said...

These are beautiful and little Allie is as gorgeous as ever!