Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yep, I have been missing a bit again. It turns out that our "big G" is a pretty sensitive little dude, (not a surprise to me) and has been having a bit of a hard time "processing" the accident from April. So, I have been devoting a little more time to him lately to help him cope. Thus, my afternoon blogging has had to suffer. But I wanted to pop on and post a few pics of Fin back from Mother's day weekend. Now, normally I do NOT dress my boys like this, but my mom bought this outfit for Grady years ago and wanted a picture of Fin in it. It barely fit when we put it on, and he was not happy with the collar. But I got a couple and thought I'd share. Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!

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His lips kill me on a daily basis.
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Cindy S. said...

Sending big hugs to G ((hugs))

lmintrone said...

I have def. been missing reading your post. xoxo

sdt01jen said...

Super cute photos!

stacey said...

Oh, I was worried about G and the accident. Poor little dude. I hope he comes to grips with it all soon.

Terra said...

What cute photos! Madeline has a little sailor outfit too, we could be really embarrassing and dress them alike one day HAHA

Hope Big G gets to feeling better, better to begin to process it now rather than later in life.