Sunday, May 17, 2009

4 for 4.

It's day four of sneak for a week! And I am still on track! Yay!
So for the fourth day I thought I'd share 4 little cuties. These are some cousins that I shot. The boy and the little blond girl and brother and sister, and the other two girls are sisters. I love when families get together for sessions, because not only do I get a glimpse into the entire family dynamic, I get to meet a lot of fun people! So here's the fearsome foursome for ya! They were a blast.

P.S. Still no takers on that FREE newborn session from last post. I am a little floored. Usually when I do stuff like that it's gone in 15 minutes! Maybe it's the weekend?




Mom and dad, you may wanna just go ahead and lock the doors now, in preparation for when she's 13...






Stacy said...

These are amazing! I can't wait to see them all! Thanks again. :-)

Terra said...

Wow they are all so beautiful!

Erika said...

Courtney, these are crazy good! You have no idea how pleased we are with just the few you have posted!!! You don't even know our children, yet you captured them PERFECTLY!!!!!! Can't wait to see more! Thank You!