Monday, November 10, 2008


This family makes me smile. This is their third year returning for a session, which makes them some of my oldest clients. I have loved watching little "I" grow up! This year he has a "very best girlfriend". If he is smiling, it's because I mentioned her name! Watch out ladies, heartbreaker here!

I thouhgt this one was super cute. I was trying to get "I" to jump and raise his arms, so mom and dad were helping. Look at his little grin, like "yeah right lady. Why don't you all just stand here on the boardwalk looking like morons and I'll stay cool."
raise the roof

Yep, this is where we were talking about his girlfriend...



upside down




I was actually going to scrap this one and then I noticed his little shadow hand reaching up for dad. So I cropped it in and now it might be my favorite.

OK, ok, I am done. Just gotta say "peace out"
Peace out!


-=|†¡††รค|=- said...

you take great pics. :o)Congratulations.

Lauren W said...

What a great idea- find out the name of a kid's secret crush. I think you just might be the most brilliant photographer that I know.