Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A little story.

When you're a six year old girl,

a three year old girl,

or even an almost two year old girl,

getting your picture taken can be quite a fun undertaking. Someone is there to focus on you and wow, little girls dig that! However, when you're a nearly pre-teen boy,

the whole thing is not really that much fun. Especially when the crazy lady with the camera makes you stand like the VonTrapp family

or dance silly little girl dances like ring around the rosy.

I mean, sometimes some cool stuff happens, like when the photographer pretends to fart (sorry, we're talking kid here) to get everyone to laugh.
(by the way I can't tell you how big that picture makes me smile. Lookit little miss over there on the right covering her ears!)

Or when mom and dad share a kiss and you act grossed out, but she catches you smiling from ear to ear.

It's especially annoying when your pesky little sister tries to steal the limelight.

But in the end it's easiest to give in to her cuteness.

And, in all honesty it's kind of fun to help get your little cousins to look at said crazy photographer.

Now, this last image I might not have shared as a part of this story (although I love it) except really,
Cost of gas to get to UT: $3.30 a gallon
Session fee with me: $150
Look on pre-teen boy's face as I jump like a crazy monkey in a last ditch effort to get small girls (who are DONE) to look at me: PRICELESS.


JackieP said...

Courtney..the pics are soo cute -as usual!! I love the little story in the blog- it made us all laugh! :)

stacey said...

I love the story and it almost makes me look forward to those preteen years with my two. Of course I now have all of the Sound of Music going through my head - "up in the nursery an absurd little bird is popping out to say "cuckoo." Gorgeous pictures Courtney!

Lisa B said...

LOVE this story. :) Love the pictures, too.