Thursday, October 2, 2008

5 months. Seriously?!?!?!

I can't believe my lil chubcake is 5 months old already. His brand new trick is sitting up, but no worries, my friend "T" was right next to him so he didn't smash his face into the concrete. "THANKS T"
It's amazing I haven't nibbled him to death.

Ok, this is insanely huge, but I just love him.

Sorry about the backwards watermark. I didn't like how it sat on him.




Because I know someone will ask, he's wearing a hat by LaFolie Knits and a Gdiaper


Kerri K. said...

These turned out great! He is such a cutie.

Terra said...

Ok so I was there, and yes Hyde Park is pretty BUT you make it ten times more beautiful in your photos... How do you do that? I know Little G helps (alot) obviously but please tell me your secret!

Tell Little G he is so handsome and I know just the perfect little girl for him!!!

stacey said...

I love him! He is such a precious little guy. In some of those it looks like he wants to just get up and walk to you. Tell him to slow down on the growing up!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to love that little man any more? You are so talented.

JackieP said...

OMG..he looks so ADORABLE!!! I love the orange "g" diaper! Come visit us next week so I can get my baby fix! :)

Lauren W said...

Court- He is SOOOOO cute! Those eyes are completely amazing. And yes, I wanted to know where you got that hat, so thanks.

Gina Kolsrud said...

Sooooooo cute. Seriously, he is adorable Courtney. Just beautiful pics.

Lisa B said...

Absolutely, incredibly adorable! How can he be 5 months already? (He wears the same g diaper my niece does. They are so cool!)

a passion to capture the moment.... said...

These images are so stinking cute.