Monday, September 29, 2008

So much to share

But first thing's first! This family has been waiting for a sneek peek,and they're finally on top of my "running list"! "L" is the owner of Kidz Club here in Tampa, and her little "B" just turned ONE, so they had a session to celebrate.

The Birthday Boy
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As a mom of two boys myself, this one makes me all melty inside.
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Oh those eyes!
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They love Starbucks!
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Handsome big brother .
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This is the look he gave me when I asked him if I could go to school with him.
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Ok, I had to add this one. Look at mom's face. Yowza! Hot mommy on the loose!
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This has to be my favorite!
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Meghan said...

I love that last one too! What a gorgeous family!

stacey said...

This family is gorgeous! I love the last picture and the one of mom and the two boys.

Terra said...

Great photos and such cute boys!!