Saturday, September 15, 2007

A few new clothes ideas.

Well, it has been a crazy week here in the Vickers household and my blog has definately shown it! I just wanted to post something, so I thought I would blog about two new clothing websites that I found and totally adore. Wondering what to dress your kid in for your next session? Wanting to step outside the jeans and white shirt box? Wonder no more...
Chasing Fireflies Has some of the absolute cutest children's clothing I have ever seen! And I am even willing to say that I think when the clothes are this cute, you can break the rule about not having huge designs on the clothing. I happen to love the "punk lives" and "union jack" shirts in the boys section. And boy oh boy, in the girls section I went bug eyed with giddy excitement. If I had a girl, we'd be broke. These are the ultimate trendy, bight, fashionable clothes that will make your kids look like they are a Ford Model. Really.
Also for the girls (why are they so much easier?) Matilda Jane has clothes that are a bit more classic looking. but still uber cute and funky. I don't think you can actually order them online, but you can call and order that way. These links will be premanantly added to my list of great clothing ideas on the righthand side of the page here.
Have a great weekend.

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