Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't blink

I can't believe how fast these two little monkeys are growing up!!! Little man will be one in just a few short weeks, and miss "C" is the sassiest little 3 year old cutie I know. Mama is Kori, of Paper and Pigtails. If you haven't checked out her party printables yet, you should. The cuteness is off the chain, folks. For more off the chain cuteness, check out Georgia Grace Designs, Jordan at Georgia Grace made C's dress and trench coat (which I want to steal) and H's tie! Her products are striaght up quality, and her shop is another reason I question why I was not blessed with a girl. Or maybe I don't. We'd be broke.
I loved spending the morning with you and your family, my friend, and I hope you like your sneak peek.

The faces of C...



Don't you love his hair!?!?





And I just love this shot of Kori and her hubby. He had her cracking up!


Kori Clark said...

Oh. My. Word. Courtney! I love them all!! I love the one of C kissing H's super sweet. You have an amazing gift, and we loved spending our morning with you too. Thanks for being a wonderful friend and magic with a camera!

MelissaKbrew said...

Even more great shots! Love the one of Kori and her hubby! :)