Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If I may be candid...

This family was SUCH fun! They came all the way from OH for their session. Ok, ok, they had other stuff to do in the area, but I was thrilled that they also booked a session while they were here. When I talked to mom the night before to confirm her session, she expressed that they were all a bit nervous. I told her what I tell everyone who says that to me. Just try to pretend I am not there. I will set the scene, and then you roll with it as you would if I hadn't. Well, they were pros! We got so many wonderful, candid shots of their happy little family. And I got a sneak preview of life in about 4 years, with two boys! I gotta say, that's gonna be a blast :) Thanks "M" family for a great morning. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, and your gallery should be ready soon!

Also, I am still booking sessions for this weekend's mothers day minis! Please contact me if you are interested.



This little moment cracked me up. I wanted one of mom and dad alone, so I had them do this...


Then I asked the boys to join in the shot and they tried to pose the same way. We all died laughing!






Terra said...

Love the shot with the boys trying to do the same pose!

stacey said...

Beautiful moments you captured for this family! I adore how playful they look. Some day we will get down there and I will hire you to do some family shots for us. I love your eye!

Sandy said...

Seeing these pictures reminds me of how HOT it was down there! Thank you for trying to keep us Ohioans in the shade!!! When we were heading home, we asked the kids what their favorite part of the weekend was, and without hesitation, they both said "pictures!" I laughed because they had a lot of fun with their new friends during the weekend, but I think they really enjoyed having a grown up tell them to be goofy!!! Thanks Courtney! Next pictures we'll have to bring you up to Ohio! I bet you could do wonders with a few boys on the farm! Plus it's COOLER!!!! :)