Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hold on to your hats.

I have been busy busy busy lately and haven't had time to update the blog too much. But thanks to my awesome hubby I am able to work most of the day today! So, I'll be posting a few sneak peeks today. Now any of you that I post who's gallery has not yet gone live, it will be up no later than tomorrow night! Oh, and lest I forget! If you get 10 comments on your sneak peek, it's a free 8x10. 20 is a free 11x14 (but not both) so any of you that I sneak peek today, tell all your friends to come check out your gorgeous kiddos!

First up, had to share these three cute as a button siblings! I used to be in a playgroup with their mama waaaaaaay back when, and I was thrilled when she set up a session. I had never met little "A" and middle kid "J" was just a baby himself the last time I saw him. Thanks for coming out to play with me again, M family. It was great to see you!

038 copyweb

028 copyweb

I am mostly a bright and colorful type of gal, but I have friends in the photography world who do gorgeous and amazing things with textures and vintage moodiness. Every once in a while I open an image that just screams at me for that kind of processing, and I am happy to oblige it! This was one of those.


Tiffany said...

I'm really diggin that vintage look!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics!


Anonymous said...

Super Cute!!!! I love the wind blowing hair!

Anonymous said...

I love them!! What amazing photography.