Thursday, May 1, 2008

He's here and he's gorgeous!

Thanks for all the emails I have gotten to check in. Our new son Griffin was born on 4/29/08 (Tuesday) at 1:55 am. Sort of an unconventional time for a c-section, but I had developed some worrisome symptoms and the Dr. thought it was best to take him out! He was HUGE for almost 37 weeks, tipping the scales at 7lbs 2 oz and 18 3/4 inches long. I can't imagine how big he would have been in 2 weeks! YIKES. He had a little stay in the nursery for breathing issues, but was with me in the room after about 15 hours. He's now doing great and nursing and sleeping like a champ (knock on wood). I don't have the hookup cables I need to share pics right now, but rest assured when I am discharged I will come back and share plenty.
Any of you who have orders you are waiting on, please bear with me if they take a bit longer than usual. I will be tying up loose ends in the next few days if I can. Thank you to all of you who were thinking of me, and I'll be back with pictures soon!


Anonymous said...

Ya! Congrats!
And seriously, step away from the computer! (ok, inch yourself away from the computer!). But it's wonderful to hear you are both doing well!
-Shannon D.

stacey said...

Aww Court, you know I can't wait to see Griffin. But please keep taking care of yourself and your two little men. Congratulations from all of us on your two boys and know that all four of you are in our thoughts. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. So exciting. I was anxiously awaiting the news. I'm happy everyone is doing well and will continue to check back for pictures. Take care!