Monday, January 22, 2007

What's the fashion???

I often get asked, "What should we wear???" It is a good question, since the images I shoot will hopefully be family heirlooms for years to come. Here's my attempt at an answer.

Rule one: Babies are better naked.
Babies in general are more comfortable in the buff. That's how they've spent the past nine months. Now they have to worry about scratchy tags and shirts riding up around their heads. An uncomfortable baby equals a cranky baby, and most likely that's not how you want to remember your bundle of joy! That being said, a cute pair of booties, a simple hat or treasured blanket can add to the photograph.
Rule Two: No matter how much your child likes Elmo now, he won't when he's 19.
Granted, it can be hard to convince a four year old that wearing a plain polo and khakis is a good thing, but if you can do it, you'll be better off. Character clothing dates a picture, as well as adding distracting floating heads to the scenario, which I try to avoid. You want the focus to be on your child's big eyes, not his favorite cartoon character's.
Rule Three: Hats are good, shoes are not so good.
Hats, especially on babies and young children, draw attention where it is supposed to be drawn... to the face and eyes. However, I am not talking about the ball cap recently purchased at a major league game. Think classic hats such as the beret, a newsboy cap or a beautiful knit piece. On to the other Most kids will willingly kick them off, and I say, kick away! Bare feet in pictures create an easygoing and relaxed feel that you just don't get with patent leather or light up sneakers.
Rule Four: What about group shots?
Yes, khakis and white shirts on the beach does seem a bit cliche, but there's a reason for that. It works! It creates a timeless feel and you don't have to worry about uncle Eddie sticking out like a sore thumb in his velour track suit! Alternatively, you can choose a color theme such as everyone in either blue or white, or you could go adults in plain colors and kids in something a bit more flashy. I have no problem going through closets to make your portrait look good. Just ask!
Rule Five: Sometimes, rules can be broken.
If your five year old is edgy and loves to wear funky patterns and designs with tutus...BRING IT ON! It can result in a wonderful, contemporary, fun portrait that she'll probably want to hang onto well into college. The only rule I beg you not to break is the Elmo rule. It really just doesn't look good for pictures.

In the links under my profile you will find suggestions for places you can obtain great clothing and accessories. Most likely, you can find something similar already in your child's closet, and remember. I am here to help!

P.S. I have been asked if it's ok to make comments on my blog. By all means go ahead! It'll make me feel special!

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